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Simply My Opinion on the Blues

Everything I say, or play, or teach is simply my take on the Blues. I don’t profess to be anything other than I am. A guy who has always been fascinated by the Blues, it’s music, it’s people and its history.

There are a lot of great players out there who have attained a depth and proficiency  I never will. I’m ok with it. I have always played for me. The Blues has always been a puzzle I’ll never solve.

I get more out of teaching someone something I’ve figured out than out of anything else, except for playing myself.

I always recommend you listen to the original to really get the feel for the song or the lick. Buy the discs and listen to them often just for the joy of listening.

I know there are a lot of people on youtube and elsewhere trying to make a living teaching guitar and kudos to them.

I will never charge for any lesson and don’t dis on them for doing so. I give lessons in my home for free too.

To me the Internet is about sharing information. And I love to share what little I know about playing the blues.

The most important thing is that you get something out of the lesson. If only one of you does then that’s good enough for me.

It’s also important to take the music somewhere else. I know there are a lot of “Blues Purists!” I’m not one. If the Blues stayed pure then Rock and other genres of music would never have formed.

Take the music somewhere else. Improvise and stretch the boundaries. That’s exactly what all the old guys were doing anyway.

Thanks for watching 🙂

Standard tuning slide/bottleneck guitar lesson


Playing standard tuning slide guitar is difficult. Because you’re not in an open tuning the overtones sound terrible if you’re not damping properly.

In open tuning you can have overtones ringing and they’re in tune because the guitar is tuned to a chord.

The important thing is not to get discouraged. It sounds like crap in the beginning for everyone. When someone has been playing slide/bottleneck in standard tuning for years it looks and sounds easy. It’s not.

I started playing slide/bottleneck in open tunings and it wasn’t until I was at a friends gig and heard him playing in the key of G in standard tuning that I really got interested in standard tuning slide guitar playing.

One of the many benefits of playing slide/bottleneck in standard tuning is you don’t have to re-tune the guitar. You can just improvise on the fly. It takes some practice but once you get the damping and intonation down the fretboard is wide open.

Once you get proficient at playing standard tuning slide guitar, it’s easy to make people think you’re actually open tuned. Usually the best keys to start learning in are E, A, and the key of G, all in standard tuning.

There are a lot of players teaching this basic style of guitar playing on youtube. I just learned the hard way by figuring most of it out myself along the way.

It is tough, but stick with it and it will come. Then you’ll spend the rest of your life refining it.