The electric guitar is such a powerful instrument in the Blues. Open D Tuning on the electric guitar is so much fun to explore. The bigger the sound of the guitar the less you can play and still sound really big.

I find this to be true on National Resophonic guitars as well because they’re so loud.

Tune your electric guitar to open D and crank it and add a bit, or a lot of overdrive and you can say a lot with your guitar playing the Blues in this tuning.

The electric guitar is such a dynamic instrument in the right hands. Just go listen to Billy Gibbons. He really doesn’t play a lot, he doesn’t have to.

Go listen to Elmore James or Hound Dog Taylor play their guitars in open D with overdrive and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The electric guitar tuned to open D and cranked is just synonymous with the blues. The lesson I give here is basic but it will get you up and running.